5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Logo

Duster, gloves, and solid block lettering—these elements make up the vast majority of cleaning logos. If your logo looks like everyone else’s—customers will not remember you? And will new customers find you?A good logo is crucial for a successful business. Here are some tips that will help your company succeed.

1. The Very First Impressions are made with Great Logos

Before your salesperson knocks on the door, and even before they call you, potential customers consider your logo when they decide whom to trust. People are always asking for a business card with your logo on it. Design your logo to be very memorable, and once a person has seen it, it will be hard to forget.

When people can easily remember your logo, you have a competitive edge.

2. Great Logo Attract New Customers
Customers see plenty of logos daily. —And we all know a good logo when we see one. Your logo helps them choose you over other companies. Companies have seen the fruits of a good logo. When customers initially see the logo on your estimate sheets, shop window or website, they feel good about you. Your logo helps the costumes to choose you.

3.Stand Out from Your Competition

You will notice that very few logos stand out from the crowd. Differentiating yourself from your competition is critical to winning the battle for customers. There are certain symbols that come to represent particular industries or products. For example, how many pizza places have you seen with a logo that features an Italian, moustachioed chef with a tall white hat and a wide grin? Maybe holding a ridiculously huge pizza? A good logo reflects who you are, but it should also distinguish you from everybody else. A good logo should dare to be different. And certainly, the Midnight Pizza logo is a far cry from that grinning Italian chef we’re used to seeing.

4. Keep Regular Loyal Customers

Good service is the key to keeping your customers.  Don’t put your business in that position. A great logo convinces high-end customers who look for a loyal, long-term relationship to choose you over the next company, which are waiting for the first opportunity to win them over.

5. Earn Trust with Professionalism
“What convinces people to choose an established cleaning business over beginners in that business? Often it’s the professionalism of the business. People see your professional logo and see that we’re here from year to year, and that builds trust” said Zorka Jankova, owner of ZJCS cleaning services. “If we can send the message of professionalism through our logo, a lot of the work is done for us.”